We are Klasern.

Klasern is a lifestyle brand inspired by the look of classic, yet modern, evidenced by hints of timelessness wed to a touch of futurism. Klasern designs were conceived in Saigon; we have relocated to Dallas, Texas since 2017.

Our name, Klasern, is a portmanteau word of 'classic' and 'modern', intended to communicate and characterize our design principles.

What are our principles?


Klasern is family-owned and operated, ensuring quality service and conscientious, hands-on attention to every detail between manufacture and customer satisfaction.


Klasern avails only the finest materials and components for our watches – Swiss-made movement, sapphire crystal glass and surgical stainless steel.


Klasern stunningly bridges the two worlds of classic and modern with elegant, timeless design. The precision mechanics and artful craftsmanship radiate an imposing good look well beyond the thousandth glance.


Every watch from Klasern is affordable, costing only as much as necessary but as little as possible.


Klasern pays sensitive attention to environment-friendly material acquisition as well as its production methods.